Sunday, May 13, 2012

The French Quarter and Pimm's Cups at Napoleon House

Jackson Square
Our second night in the house we decided to walk around the Quarter and get some celebratory dinner.  It was Friday night and everything was hopping in the FQ with the usual tourists, street performers, drunks, homeless, brass bands, and revelers.   We circled blindly, ambled the streets and relishing the beer cans in our hands; this being a completely foreign concept to my
boyfriend.  The alcoholism is rampant.  The sight of out rightly smashed homeless people is slightly appalling, but stepping into the french quarter makes it all worth it and maybe even not that out of place.  The smell of Spain, France, Pirates, spice, and seafood, of old buildings refurbished as opposed to demolished.  Of history.   There is a timeless feeling in the air, look up at a balcony and see the 1800's, the swinging 30's, anything can and has existed here.  What many tourist also might not realize is the the Quarter is full of people that actually live there, I know, hard to believe people can put up with the constant unabashed and debaucherous 'party', but remember this while getting down in the Quarter.   

Napoleon House Circa 1812
We finally chose to eat at the Napoleon House a comfortably old mainstay of Chartres and St. Louis .  The walls look ancient, and after waiting for a particularly loopy hostess, at a not-so-busy time of the evening, to seat us in the romantic courtyard seating area our server basically ignored us (Aaron and I both work in the kitchen of restaurants), was more involved with his larger money making parties.  He also forgot every condiment we asked for while ordering, put down the check before we were done, and was just overall not a good server to us.  Our food was okay.  I got a corned beef Reuben, Aaron the corned beef po' boy, neither come with a side.  The corned beef was great, but scarcely portioned.  On a menu of just twenty or so items you expect them all to be excellent, turns out this is not the case.  The Pimm's Cup is rather delicious though, extremely refreshing lemonade with Gin along with the cucumber slice makes it amazingly cooling.  It's also only six dollars, so make sure you stop and enjoy the beautiful bar on a lazy summer afternoon of people watching.
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