Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Circle Foods Store

We have a grocery store folks!!

Who would think that this would be a common sentiment in this bustling city of rebirth, but I guess, good things come to those who wait.  At least in the 7th Ward/St. Roch/Treme/Marigny/Bywater/8th Ward/9th Ward (wow, we really needed a grocery store)-and this was well worth the wait.

I attended the Grand Opening for Circle Foods on Friday, which is coinciding with the grand openings for many other Claiborne flyover businesses including Kermit Ruffins backing the famous Mother-in-Law Lounge.

Circle Foods has everything that I need, and within walking distance.  They offer an array of fresh produce, including out of the ordinary produce like papaya and cactus.  Fresh gourmet cheeses at a great price, and a fresh seafood and meat counter.  The isles are stocked with all the necessities that you have had to previously traverse Family Dollar, Walgreens, and the pricey NOLA Food Co-OP to find.   Quaint cast iron looking signs mark check out isles and the exposed warehouse ceilings look incredible.  A hot prepared food cafe along with a pharmacy flank the far side of the store.

I only hope that the trash level around this store doesn't rival the squalid apocalyptic looking parking lot of the Dollar General Market which I have never been able to bring myself to shop at.

Meanwhile, I will be supporting Circle Foods, if for nothing other than supporting the neighborhood, and the sweet old lady I met while shopping there who was almost brought to tears that she wouldn't have to shop at Family Dollar for her food anymore.  We now have a healthy option, with fresh meats, seafood,  and produce, we have an opportunity to feed ourselves without traveling across town, without finding transportation, without having to settle.  Only good things to come. 

 Circle Food Store
1522 St. Bernard Ave
Parking to the side of store off St. Bernard

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