Friday, June 1, 2012

Cafe Rose Nicaud

This will be the first of many posts about Frenchmen Street...

Frenchmen Street delivers a cozy Euro-Creole feel to the locals of New Orleans reminding elders of the French Quarter-minus the schnockered rapaciousness and crap gift shops. Walk along the street at night and be tantalized with a string of music clubs, bars, restaurants, tattoo shops, beautiful architecture, and b&bs.

My goal today is Cafe Rose Nicaud, a coffee shop named in memorandum of Rose Nicaud, the very first coffee vendor of New Orleans, as well as an African American slave.  She used what little she saved outside her master's tax to purchase her freedom and open her own coffee shop in the French Market.  She was known for having the best coffee in town.  Cafe Rose Nicaud is also owned by an African American family, one that holds Rose's entrepreneurial enterprise close to their heart.  Just a few short blocks walk and I land on Frenchmen off Dauphine and take in the beautiful Washington Park anchoring Faubourg (neighborhood) Marigny.  Enter Cafe Rose Nicaud and take a moment to relish the smell and the feel of the place, allow that robust aroma to arouse your intelligent senses, god I love coffee shops!  The staff at this place is awesome, they will help you find anything, and if you come in more than once it seems like they have already started remembering your specific drink.

What you get from Cafe Rose Nicaud that you don't get from every other coffee shop is the inviting feel of community.  You've got friends there.  I know that sounds kind of silly, but its very true.  It's the place where locals go, or, where people go to be a local.

Along with an excellent coffee shop they also offer an delicious small menu of breakfast and lunch, along with a varying aray of absolutely delicious tarts, soups, bread puddings, and quiches, that change every day.  There are also croissants, gluten free pies, handmade scones and muffins, biscuits, and bagels-including house-made jams that are to die for.  I had an orange strawberry jam that was delicious!  They also have wraps, sandwiches, and salads for lunch as well as a full breakfast menu all day with yummy rosemary mozzarella grits, and a the now famous Rose Benedict, a layering of grits, biscuits, portobellos, tomatoes, avocado, two sunny side up eggs, and shaved asiago cheese.  The food is quick and consistent and the staff is excellent, make sure you tip them and show your love! Cafe Rose Nicaud on Urbanspoon

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